Our Mission

To create an inclusive community workspace that inspires people while they work and play hard to enjoy life!

Our Spaces

Our spaces serve as inspirational platforms for all people to share their passions, exchange ideas and collaborate with a network of like-minded people. We are in a hurry to inspire and our brand is built on the idea that when we profit so do our communities. We believe in volunteering, supporting and collaborating with our members and local businesses to build stronger communities. 

Our work and play spaces provide open spaces with different desk and seating options to work individually, in groups or conference style. We offer appealing atmospheres with good lighting, soft music and community vibe that will inspire you.

Our Story

As the owner of Work and Play Lounge, I always knew this was the path I wanted to take and optimistically pursued this dream. Through balancing work and small children, community volunteer work and hardships, I quickly recognized the need for a productive and inspiring work space to work on my business and connect with others that was in proximity to my home. 

On my mission to find a space, what I came to realize was that there was no kind of platform, network or community space that was intentional about attracting and welcoming people of color, parents, and entrepreneur women like myself. That’s when my business idea launched, and my journey started.

Our Commitment

Removing barriers to access is a big part of our vision of creating a welcoming space for all professionals and business leaders evolves and we develop more ways to invest in others.


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